“At every image I laugh, or take initial umbrage, or think he has gone too far, or not far enough, but I always end up loving them because they have spontaneity, candor, and are always ‘true.’”
From the Foreword by Jeremiah Tower
The Food Revolution: Off With His Toque (2008)

In the pages of Foodoodles: From the Museum of Culinary History, you are invited to witness the first battles of the American food revolution fought in Berkeley in the 1970’s by young food-loving aesthetes who created a simple, seasonal, market cuisine soon known as California cuisine. Fighting in the culinary trenches as a store clerk (The Cheese Board Collective), waiter (Chez Panisse), cook (The Swallow café), garlic activist (The Book of Garlic), and cookbook publisher (Aris Books) was a U.C. Berkeley art student, L. John Harris. Now Harris celebrates and skewers our new American food culture with over 90 of his gastronomically incorrect cartoons-- twisted chefs, absurd kitchen gadgets, out-of-control vegetables and silly trends --all showcased in the artist’s musée imaginaire. Placing his Foodoodles in their historical and hysterical context are Harris’ curatorial commentaries, including anecdotal footnotes, pet theories, memoirist confessions and reflections on the revolution’s heroes, including James Beard, Alfred Peet, Alice Waters, Julia Child, Jeremiah Tower and M. F. K. Fisher.

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